Q: How much does it cost to SMASHIT up? 

A: The price is $27 per person 


Q: Is there an age limit? 

A: Yes, you must be 16 years or over to enter our SMASHIT Room. Those aged 12-15 years old may enter SMASHIT but MUST be accompanied by an adult and must be able to fit into our safety overalls  


Q: How many people can you accommodate per room? 

A: We can accommodate 3 people maximum per room per session. However, we can accommodate a further 3 people, up to a total of 6 people, if you book both our rooms for the same date and time as we have an adjoining door we can open. 


Q: What are your opening hours? 

Sunday - Thursday: 12:30pm-9pm
Friday & Saturday: 12:30pm-10pm
Head to our ‘Book Now’ page to check out what’s still available! 


Q: What do I get to smash? 

A: The type and quantity of items we have for you to smash will vary session to session but we endeavour to make SH!T fair for all! 


Q: How long is your session?

A: The session is 15 minutes regardless of how many are in your group. 


Q: What do I need to bring with me?

A: We only require you bring a pair of closed in shoes. We supply all safety gear however if for any reason we cannot properly fit you with our safety gear, we unfortunately cannot permit your entry. 


Q: Can I enter the SMASHIT Rooms just to spectate? 

A: Unfortunately not, only those who are smashing it up can enter our SMASHIT Rooms.


Q: Do children under 16 need parental/guardian permission to enter SMASHIT? 

A: Whilst SMASHIT is a lot of fun and we want everyone to experience some smashing great fun, there is an element of risk with SMASHIT. Therefore, children (those aged 12-16) must be supervised by an adult whilst in the SMASHIT room. Supervision requires the child to be accompanied into SMASHIT by a paying adult. Sadly parental/guardian permission alone is not sufficient.