Q: How much does it cost to SMASHIT up? 

A: The price is $35 per person 


Q: Is there an age limit? 

A: Yes, you must be 16 years or over to enter our SMASHIT Room. Those aged 12-15 years old may enter SMASHIT but MUST be accompanied by an adult and must be able to fit into our safety overalls  


Q: Do children under 16 need parental/guardian permission to enter SMASHIT? 

A: Whilst SMASHIT is a lot of fun and we want everyone to experience some smashing great fun, there is an element of risk with SMASHIT. Therefore, children (those aged 12-16) must be supervised by an adult whilst in the SMASHIT room. Supervision requires the child to be accompanied into SMASHIT by a paying adult. Sadly parental/guardian permission alone is not sufficient.


Q: How many people can you accommodate per room? 

A: We can accommodate 3 people maximum per room per session. However, we can accommodate a further 3 people, up to a total of 6 people, if you book both our rooms for the same date and time as we have an adjoining door we can open. 


Q: What rooms are available?

A: We have two SMASHIT rooms available. Either the rustic Otago wine cellar, complete with glass bottles, wine barrel, a real rustic wine cellar deco and tranquil music. Alternatively you can visit the New York Alley, a grungy "alley-way" complete with glass bottles, graffiti and an old oil drum. This room comes with heavy rock music to rage out to.

Q: What are your opening hours? 

12:30pm - 8:30pm daily. 
Head to our ‘Book Now’ page to check out what’s still available! 


Q: Can I bring my own items to SMASHIT?


A: Yes you can. For $22 per person customers can bring their own items into SMASHIT. We have very strict guidelines on what can be taken inside to ensure your own and the longevity of our SMASHIT room. All items must fit inside a banana box (provided by our team). Additional boxes can be taken in at a charge of $10 per box. 

Staff must review all items taken into SMASHIT and the following items are permitted:

  • Glassware
  • Ceramics
  • Bric-a-brac 

The following items are not permitted:

  • Oil heaters
  • Microwaves
  • Fridges
  • Plasma TVs
  • Neon light bulbs
  • Printers containing ink cartridges
  • Any items containing liquids
  • Any particularly heavy items that may damage SMASHIT equipment 

Q: Can I play my own music?

A: Unfortunately we don't have facilities for you to play your own tracks inside SMASHIT. If you have suggestions for music that would fit within the themes of each room we'd be happy to hear your suggestions.


Q: Can I take my phone or camera into SMASHIT?

A: You're more than welcome, and actively encouraged to take a phone or camera into SMASHIT to record your visit inside the SMASHIT room. Any equipment taken into SMASHIT is purely at the owner's risk. 



Q: What do I get to smash? 

A: The type and quantity of items we have for you to smash will vary session to session but we endeavour to make SH!T fair for all! The rooms typically come with glassware as standard. This may include some ceramic items. Additional, larger items may also be avaiable for purchase such as TVs, stereos, printers etc. 


Q: Are there any other items that I can smash?

A: Yes. We offer additional SMASHIT items such as TVs, speakers, printers etc. for you to add to your SMASHIT experience. These are priced at $10 per item and subject to availability and are also very popular!


Q: How long is your session?

A: The session is 10 minutes regardless of how many are in your group. 


Q: What do I need to bring with me?

A: We only require you bring a pair of closed in shoes. We supply all safety gear however if for any reason we cannot properly fit you with our safety gear, we unfortunately cannot permit your entry. 


Q: Will I be provided with safety gear?

A: Yes. We'll provide you with safety gear prior to your entry into SMASHIT. This includes overalls, gloves, either a hard hat with goggles or a visor as well as option dust masks and headphones. 


Q: Can I enter the SMASHIT Rooms just to spectate? 

A: Unfortunately not, only those who are smashing it up can enter our SMASHIT Rooms.